How many points will I receive upon signup?

Your not be receiving points upon sign up but in the other hand it is completely free to use our application and improve your listening skills.

Is GameSpeech free of use?

Yes it is absolutely free to use. We at GameSpeech wants to help out those who are needs improvements on their basic listening skills

Where can I find my earned points ?

You can find the total points you earn under your account dashboard, also if you are using a desktop computer of laptop you can find it on the upper right corner of your screen that is being highlighted. If using tablet or mobile phone you can also find it under the Menu Bar it is also being highlighted. Make sure to loggin to your account.

Where can I find my referal link?

You can find you referral code in the dashboard and navigate to the account tab or referrals tab upon logging in.

How many points I get on each correct answer?

Upon playing you will get to choose between Easy, Moderate And Hard. By playing Easy mode you will get 1 points each correct answer, 2 points on Moderate mode and 3 points on Hard Mode.

How does referral works?

Upon signing up your account on GameSpeech the system will automatically generates a code (which will serve as your referral code) that you can use to share the our application to other and earn addition extra points.