If you haven't check how the referral works on GameSpeech then take time to read this first

But in the other hand let us talk about how to use referral effectively.

As we all know on our terms spamming or illegal way to gain referrals are strictly prohibited but there are others better ways to get you more referrals.

Here are the best ways to make referral effective.

1. This is an educational based application to help better improve basic listening skills. So you can refer the application to students in any levels in order to help them improve while earning points for cool stuff to redeem. And you too will have an effective referral.

2. You can refer this to your friends, family, workmates, classmates or to anyone who has spare time and free to do anything. In that way you can improve your referrals while helping them convert their spare time more valuable.

We are excited to see you improve you referal. But always keep in mind to abide with our terms and avoid having your account deactivated.